Canada – Monochrome

Ron Smid’s Monochrome

In 2011, Ron began working in the black & white medium after nearly twenty years as a colour landscape photographer.

Project description

The Canada Monochrome portfolio is Ron’s first series of work capturing the Canadian landscape in 8×10 in black and white film. This new medium has revealed a new facet of his creative vision.

Smid says:

“Working in black & white has allowed me to seek out the abstract shapes and textures of the natural world that oftentimes lay hidden from view or from direct coloured light. I can now see the Canadian landscape in a different way, not only being able to capture its converging moods, but to render its sheer, raw textured form on film—its true nature.”

Photographs in this portfolio are available as limited edition, hand-printed silver gelatin prints, mounted on acid-free matte board. Each print is selenium toned to extend its lifespan to over 200 years.

Each photograph is signed and numbered by the artist and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.