Ron Smid Photographer

“My commitment to film and the traditional art of photography mirrors my passion for Canada and the light on this extraordinary land.”


Canada – The Light on our Land
Canada – Monochrome
The Mystical Isle

About Smid

A 250 000 KM journey spanning 25 years…

Inspired by the passion of the Group of Seven painters and the work of mid-twentieth century American landscape photographers, Smid set out before the age of twenty to forge his own unique photographic style—undertaking extensive solo canoe trips with medium format film camera into the Canadian Shield of Northern Ontario.

In 1999, Smid set out on the first of many cross-Canadian photographic expeditions that became the catalyst for his vision.

He has dedicated his life to capturing the spiritual essence of the Canadian Landscape onto film, with the need to connect Canadians together—coast, to coast, to coast through light.

“The convergence of light and the land on which we stand is what it means to be Canadian ”


A photographic purist

Smid works exclusively with colour and black & white large format film, using no digital technology in his capture or printing of his analog large scale photographic works.

He captures light using a weathered 1974 Deardorff 8 x 10 wood camera creating spellbinding images of the Canadian Landscape with a spiritual force that pulls the consciousness deep from within to anyone who sets eyes on his work.

“A well executed Cibachrome colour photograph printed by a master in a traditional darkroom draws the viewer into the landscape unlike any other art medium that I have ever seen.

You are simply there.”Smid

What is Cibachrome?


This extraordinary medium was developed in the 1960’s by the Swiss company Ciba-Geigy, to produce the highest quality photographic prints possible from colour slides.

It is a positive to positive printing process where the special Cibachrome paper is exposed in the darkroom with light passing through the original colour film. The brilliant colors are a result of the archival Azo dyes that are in the printing material before it is exposed and processed.

Cibachrome prints posses a unique vibrant, three-dimensional quality, when properly lit.

In 2011, the company stopped manufacturing Cibachrome paper. Smid purchased the last available 1 000 sheets.

The Canada-The Light on the Land series is printed on Cibachrome, and once his stock runs out, sales of these prints will terminate.

How are Cibachrome prints made?

There are very few printers worldwide still printing on Cibachrome.

For over a decade, Smid has worked exclusively with master printer Michael Wilder. Michael is known for printing some of the rare colour works of Ansel Adams.

As the Canada – The Light On Our Land series is a purely analog project using no digital post production, Wilder uses metallic dyes to fill in any black or white spots that inevitably make their way onto the print due to dust particles on the film or paper—a process termed spotting.

As a talented watercolour painter, Wilder applies his techniques to Smid’s colour prints. He strives for perfection—as much as is humanly possible without the use of a computer.

Limited edition prints

Smid’s work is limited to 25 editions and his 30 x 40 inch Cibachrome and silver gelatin photographs are found in numerous corporate and private collections worldwide.


Ron Smid’s work is available direct, or through select galleries:

The Front Gallery

12323 – 104th Ave.
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-2952

Mark Penney Gallery

180 Main St.
Ucluelet, BC
(250) 726-2012

Petley Jones Gallery

1554 West 6th Ave.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 732-5353